Glory Days

There was once a sweet spot in rock 'n roll. A point where technology had finally caught up with artistry. A time when video had not yet killed the radio star. When a band was measured by its songs rather than its hairstyles. When studio sessions were meant for the creation of albums and hit singles were found rather than manufactured.

And a great rock concert? Well, what was sweeter than that? At the end of the night, with ringing ears, sweaty clothes, a hoarse voice and a swimmy head, you'd had a religious experience. Something to tell your kids and grandkids about. But how do you really explain it, what music once was? How a screaming Les Paul could be felt in your gut, how a thundering drum fill could make you walk like a god, or how the right set of lyrics could literally change your life. Or, sometimes, maybe even the world...

Yeah, it was a sweet spot in time. The Glory Days of rock. A window that will never open again. Unless you know the right band.