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Lobster Festival & Tournament

Lobster Festival & Tournament

Schooners, The Last Local Beach Club, will host the 25th Annual Lobster Festival & Tournament again in September 2014: the biggest 4-Day lobster festival in Florida. With huge Local Lobsters on the weigh-in scales, fresh lobster prepared every mouth-watering way you can imagine, and the 15th Annual Schooners Sand Sculpting Contest, it is a HUGE event that draws thousands of divers and lobster fans from all over the Southeast. Lobster Tournament divers will be competing in a variety of categories including Spiny Lobster, Shovelnose Lobster and Big 6.

Proceeds benefit the Florida Aquatic Marine Institute and the Toys For Kids Foundation.

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Lobster Festival Diver Tournament Winners


2013 Diver Tournament Results

Diver Tournament

1st Place: Clay Galbreath 8.5
2nd Place: Mark Elliott 8.4
3rd Place: Levi Sirmon 6.7

1st Place: Troy Branham 1.7
2nd Place: Tracy Sanders 1.6
3rd Place: Drew Williams 1.6

Big 6:
1st Place: Bert Floyd 41.4
2nd Place: Tommy Hallman 30.8
3rd Place: John Pipkin 30.7


Lobster Festival & Tournament Videos

Schooners' Annual Lobster Festival & Tournament


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